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Testimonials for Wellness Wisdom by Alice McCall
Testimonials from readers just like you and reviews from trusted sources. 
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Wellness Wisdom takes Louise Hay’s work to the next level.  Alice shares very practical and useable information on how my thoughts and emotions cause health issues, with techniques for transforming my health, which are already working.  The spiritual discussion is enlightening, and I really like the healing foods section - easy to use!”  M.L., Hendersonville, NC

"There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about whether or not an acidic diet may contribute to diseases like cancer, so the information she shares about both acidic and alkaline foods is great for anyone trying to determine which is which. For readers hoping to explore these options, she has made it very accessible.  Will what she outlines work? It did for her, but perhaps more important for the reader, simply finding ways to live a healthier, more spiritually grounded life is a great first step, regardless of where it leads." Excerpt from a review posted on Breast Care Site.

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 3 years ago.  Alice McCall's book was inspirational to me.  I used many of the ideas that are just good practices for all of us - whether we've been diagnosed with something or not.  Plus, I took the book when I went food shopping, used a number of the recipes listed.  I read and re-read her story for inspiration.  I read the doctor's reports in the back of her book that showed the before and after from the medical community.  They were astounding.  I gave her book to a number of friends.  I looked up her website listed in the book, www.healingpath.info, and saw all the testimonials from people with all kinds of illnesses.  I thought I have to talk to this woman, but figured I'd never be able to actually speak to her in person.  But guess what?  I called and got an appointment to speak to her.  I was surprised to find that she would fit me into her schedule and talk to me for free just to find out what was going on with me.  She is kind, extremely smart, understanding, a wonderful listener and I felt she really understood what I was going through.  I was so impressed with Alice that I started working with her by phone to have her help me and the disease I was diagnosed with.  Alice helped me immensely.  I still do go to "mainstream" doctors, and they are amazed at the difference in my MRI scans since I started working with Alice.  I know this is a long review, but I really hope it will help you to help yourself, whether you continue to work in tandem with your doctor or not.  This book is well worth the money.”  S.S., Orlando, FL

“Alice’s Wellness Wisdom has been a great resource to me.  She looks at the bigger picture, not just one aspect of the healing.  Her holistic recommendations together with her transformational healing helped me to heal many health issues and unwanted life patterns.  The best part is that I now live joyfully in the present, with health and peace.  P.S. I love the healing foods, cooking tips and holistic resources.  C.D., DeFuniak Springs, FL

"Alice's Wellness Wisdom approach helped me to successfully navigate multiple, high-dose chemotherapy treatments and two stem cell rescues for cancer.  Each healing session we did brought dramatic results to my immune system, my body and my spirit.  Her experience with diet and healing foods, along with her spiritual insights, helped me heal on multiple levels.  I felt lighter and brighter after each session, and my body reflected this shift.  I felt totally supported, protected and balanced in ways that are often dismissed in the medical community.  Learning her ‘whole’ prescription for health and healing is a must for everyone.”  A.P., Atlanta, GA

“From debilitating migraines to obsessive fears to chronic health issues, Alice’s work with me has transformed it all!  And she has taught me how to heal myself.  I recommend what is inside of this book for everyone!”  B.T., Holt, FL

“I highly recommend Alice's book for anyone seeking to improve their health or to just stay healthy.  It is a great resource book to refer to when needing good advice in so many areas of our health.  One does not have to have a cancer diagnosis to benefit from this wonderful book.  I use it often and share info in it with friends.”  C.D., Destin, FL

“Thank you, Alice McCall, for this inspirational book.  It is a breath of fresh air.  What a guide for maintaining my health and spiritual journey.  This book is a wonderful addition to my home.”  L.M., Miramar Beach, FL 

“Alice McCall's Wellness Wisdom should be required reading for everyone willing to take responsibility for their own health.  Alice shows us that personal commitment is essential for our own successful healing path and then, very simply and compassionately, gives us wise choices and clear directions based on her own courageous experience.  I love this book and recommend it wholeheartedly to all my clients.”  S.R., Bergenfield, NJ

"I bought your book for my husband who has cancer, but I also read it myself and started using your helpful tips.  I am thrilled as it is working.  I feel so much better, and I am not even sick!  The spiritual section was the highlight for me.  Thanks so much!" A.M., Chattanooga, TN

“Alice helped me during a difficult time, especially with my diagnosis of osteoporosis.  Her self-healing of breast cancer was a wonderful role model for me for my own self-healing.  Alice’s suggestions around diet and supplements gave me confidence in my process.  My last scan showed that my bones have indeed improved.” B.M., Pensacola, FL

Order your copy of Wellness Wisdom to experience it for yourself!


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