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Alice McCall's Self-Healing Approach

Alice's core self-healing experience took place through focusing on the spiritual, mental, and emotional cause of her diagnosed disease. This has been the founding principle of both Healing Path and her health journey.

To combat her diagnosis with breast cancer Alice did deep inner work at the subconscious and cellular levels to identify what was stored in her breast that needed to be released and transformed.

Because Alice had the skills from her practice to do this work, she was able to do the majority of the self-healing work on herself, but their were times she asked for assistance Ė so donít feel you have to do it alone. Contact Alice to learn how she can assist you.

The following is an excerpt from Wellness Wisdom:

The cause of all disease, ill health, emotional issues, and unwanted life patterns is a buried negative thought or emotion.

When you hold onto a negative thought or emotion, it becomes buried in the cells of your body. It is held there as heavy, dense, dark, negative energy. Over time, this density can cause a malfunction in the part of the body where it resides. Your thoughts from early years, including from the womb, are so deep that they may form into a subconscious memory and automatic subconscious patterns. This can create the same energy repeatedly within you, without you having conscious awareness of what is happening.

Transforming the buried thought, emotion, and the associated dense energy, allows your body the freedom to heal naturally. It also replaces the automatic subconscious pattern, so it does not continue to recreate the cause.

Supporting Protocols:

To support her self-healing Alice incorporated alternative health protocols into her routine.  Wellness Wisdom includes explanations of these supportive tools, along with Alice's experiences using them during her self-healing.  These healthy practices include:

Essential Oils Vibrational Protocols
Replacing Mammograms with Thermography Homeopathic & Herbal Remedies
Acupuncture Massage
Chiropractic Reiki
Meditation Kinesiology
Natural Detoxification Processes Medical Intuitive Readings
Medical Diagnostics Cell Oxygenation
Feng Shui for Personal Health Pilates
Minimizing Electromagnetic & Geopathic Stress Yoga
Site Dowsing Qigong
And so much more!

Order a copy of Wellness Wisdom to read more, or contact Alice to begin your own transformation.



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Wellness Wisdom by Alice McCall

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