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Alice McCall's Healing Journey
Wellness Wisdom by Alice McCall

Wellness Wisdom was born from author Alice McCall’s desire to share her successful self-healing story and extensive knowledge on a variety of healing modalities.  Her story offers hope to all those who are faced with a serious illness and practical advice for those who want to maintain their health as a preventative tool.

What makes Wellness Wisdom different? You experience Alice’s story in a personal and unique way, along with discovering many alternative health and self-healing practices.  Alice offers real world advice and practical techniques.  Taking into consideration that everyday financial constraints are heightened by illness; many of Alice's healing techniques cost little or no money. 

The following is a condensed version of Alice’s successful journey with breast cancer, with tips for your own wellness journey.  Are you tired of taking medicine that does not get you well?  Want to get well and stay well?  Purchase a copy of Wellness Wisdom or contact Alice for a free consultation!

“I am a semi-retired MD, Ear, Nose and Throat physician.  I have some lung issues as well as arterial narrowing.  I had three personal sessions with Alice which have helped tremendously.  Let me say as a physician and fellow human being, Alice has proved she could cure her own major health challenge.  I do not believe there could be a more positive recommendation than that.  I would strongly recommend giving her a try, no matter what other healing paths one may be following."  R.L., Shalimar, FL

On July 9th 2007, I left the doctor’s office at 4:00pm in a state of shock.  I was told that I had cancer of the left breast - ductal carcinoma, estrogen and progesterone receptive.  This was discovered with a mammogram and biopsy.  The doctor wasn’t warm or empathetic and injected me with a fair amount of fear.  When I got home I just sat in my living room for several hours staring blankly at a wall, saying the mantra ‘I am healed and whole’ over and over.  I couldn’t think.  I couldn’t move.

I am a professional transformational healing facilitator.  I work with the spiritual, mental, and emotional connection within the body.  I have helped hundreds of people self-heal themselves of serious diseases, emotional issues, and unwanted life patterns.  However, all this went out the door when I received the diagnosis.  I was numb and in disbelief.  “How could this happen to me, a healer?”

I now know the answer to my question.  It was part of my life’s journey to experience this and to learn from it, so I can help others.  I consider the entire experience a gift.  However, in those first days, that idea was not even on my radar screen. 

If you are ever faced with a life threatening disease, make the conscious choice not to move into fear.  I have talked with others who have experienced serious diseases and they all share the same wisdom in hindsight, “Do not make important decisions quickly, especially when you are in fear.”  I totally agree with them.  If you do make hurried decisions, you may regret them.

From that very first day, I made the decision never to claim my diagnosis.  I never said, “I have cancer.”  Since our thoughts and words create everything saying, “I have cancer,” could help create it.  Why tell yHealing from the inside out by Alice McCallour body that it has cancer?  Your body takes commands from your mind and your thoughts.  I always chose to say, “I was diagnosed with cancer.”  I focused on keeping my attitude positive.  When I had one of my many down moments, I asked friends and colleagues for help, to listen, to pray, and to visualize my transformation with me.

During my journey, doubt and fear seemed to linger at my back door.  Although I worked at mastering these emotions, in retrospect, what worked the best was getting out of my own way and just allowing life to present itself.  When I started allowing, all flowed seamlessly to a successful conclusion.  I was led to the right people and principles to help me and support me.  I am blessed.

I self-healed myself without traditional medical intervention.  The breast and the lymph, which were recommended to be removed, and receive rounds of radiology, chemotherapy and hormone treatments, are intact, healthy, and whole.  This has been verified by tests from both the medical and holistic health communities.

My first transformative focus was the spiritual, mental, and emotional cause of my diagnosed disease.  All healing is spiritual first, then mental and emotional, and lastly physical.  Thought and emotion create all.  Negative thoughts and emotions can become buried in the cells of our bodies as dense, heavy energy.  Over time, this dense energy can cause a breakdown within the body in the place where it is stored.  To ensure healing the cause, it is important to identify what is buried in your cells and transform it.  This is critical whether you embrace a traditional approach, a holistic approach, or a combination of the two.  Without this work, it is easier for your health issue to return.

To combat my diagnosis I immediately started doing deep inner work at the subconscious and cellular levels to identify what was stored in my breast that needed to be released and transformed.  It was amazing!  As I did the work, day by day and week by week, I continually felt lighter, brighter, and happy, even though I was diagnosed with cancer.  Within a couple of weeks, people who did not know about my condition would say to me, “You look great.”  If they knew about my condition, they said, “I cannot believe how happy and joyful you are.”  Everyone could feel the shift of my energy, as I did.

My second focus was diet and nutrition.  Once freed of the density of your own buried negative thoughts and emotions, your body has the space to heal naturally.  I wanted to totally support my body’s ability to heal naturally, so I chose an alkaline, macrobiotic, organic diet.  This diet is free of yeasty foods like wheat and cheese, free of sugar, spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol.  I lightly cooked most of my food and I included nutritional gifts, like seaweed.  I drank pure spring water and healing herbal teas.  I continued this diet throughout my self-healing journey and beyond it.  My diet consisted of 50-60% vegetables.  The remainder incluTransformed from the inside out by Alice McCallded healthy grains such as millet, brown rice, and quinoa, along with protein primarily derived from wild caught white flaked fish and salmon, and legumes.  (Click here to buy your copy own copy of Wellness Wisdom to learn the specific details of Alice’s unique diet, including extensive research on the healing properties of foods.)

My third priority was to get plenty of rest and sleep.  Your body heals best while you are sleeping.  

On Sunday, August 12, 2007, only five weeks into my journey, I felt a total energy shift in my tumor after a self-facilitated energy session.  The lump in my breast felt dormant.  However, I could not prove it until I learned about a thermogram scan.  On Nov 2, 2007, I had a thermogram scan, which validated what I already knew – there was no longer any cancer in my breast.  Click to see the results from the scans.

Although this was a journey to transform my diagnosis of cancer, it became a spiritual journey for me.  With each session, I gained a deeper connection with my inner self and became closer to my Creator, my angels, and my guides.  Once cleansed of the density in my body, put there by buried negative emotions and thoughts, I was able to fill myself with lighter vibrating energy.  Today I am just so happy!  Nothing gets to me or bothers me.  This is a huge gift, and I have the diagnosis of cancer to thank for it. 

Unexpectedly during my self-healing I had the desire to creatively express the what I was experiencing. After many of my deep sessions, visuals would come right out of me and onto paper in brilliant colors. I call these my spiritual drawings.

Throughout Wellness Wisdom and this website there are samples from my journals, including my spiritual drawings as featured above. My journaling included advice that I received during meditation, automatic writing, documentation of my healing experiences, and these drawings.  Read more about these experiences in Wellness Wisdom.


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Wellness Wisdom by Alice McCall

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