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A Message of Hope
by Alice McCall

So many of us are faced with the prospect of a lifetime of taking medications or having unwanted procedures, concerned about the potential negative side effects.  All the while we know that these treatments will not heal our health issue.  Please know there is another way. if you choose to embrace it. 

When I learned that I had breast cancer I was filled with fear. It was recommended to surgically remove my left breast and the lymph nodes under my left arm, followed by chemo and radiation. Gratefully, I had already learned the hard way to never make major decisions when in fear, as you may regret them.  I allowed myself the time to work through my own fears and doubts.  I decided to courageously follow my heart and heal myself without medical intervention using my own Cellular Level Healing® practice.  It was at this time that I set the intention for my journey, and it came right out of my heart and soul.

My intention was: “I intend that I will be guided to heal myself successfully, so that I can offer hope to many and share what I have learned.”  I wrote it in my journal in those exact words.

I still get very emotional and am grateful when I read those words, as each and every one of them has manifested fully. and continues to manifest.  I healed my self successfully without medical procedures.  My breast and lymph that were to be removed are still apart of my body - healthy and vital.  Through my book Wellness Wisdom, interviews, public speaking engagements, and my website I continue to share what I've learned.  But best of all, my message and the truth of it resonates with so many people offering them hope.  Hope that they can get well and stay well.  Hope that there is another way.

I would never paint the picture that self-healing is easy or a quick fix.  Sometimes itCover image of Wellness Wisdom is, but many times it is not.  However, it offers complete wellness and a spiritual connection that is incredible – now that is a gift!

My intention was to heal so that I can offer hope to other's that decide to walk the less traveled path of self-healing.  This website is a manifestation of that, and there is a reason you were drawn to a page simply labeled "Hope".  

Even the symbolism behind the cover art of Wellness Wisdom reflects this message. The figure is standing in a traditional sun salutation stance projecting the energy of “Yes, thank you God, I healed myself.” The heart symbolizes an open heart that can be seen and felt from every direction, spreading joy and hope to all.

Consider ordering your own copy of Wellness Wisdom to explore the available avenues on your journey.  Read it, use it, and even give it to others so that they may also have hope.

May my message of hope become yours.


The following is audio from a radio interview featuring Alice McCall.  Listen in to hear her talk about her self-healing journey, the help she had along the way, and the message of hope she continues to share with others.


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Wellness Wisdom by Alice McCall

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