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Medical Proof of Alice McCall's Healing Journey

Seeing is believing; the following are excerpts from Alice McCall's medical records, confirming her diagnosis of breast cancer with biopsy and breast health with thermogram scans. 

After a mammogram showed something that was cause for alarm, a subsequent biopsy was ordered on 6/29/2007.  It was less than a week later that Alice received news of her breast cancer diagnosis in the doctor's office, which propelled her on a courageous self-healing journey.  Moreover, it was just four months later that Alice received a thermogram report colored in cool green tones, the indicator of healthy tissue.

Thermograms have become a part of Alice's preventative tool kit, a safer alternative to mammograms and accepted by the general medical community.  Since that first scan on November 2007, Alice has actively had thermograms done at least once a year, with the same reports of continued breast health.

How did a diagnosis of breast cancer in July 07 become medical proof of healthy tissue by November 07?  
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Biopsy Report Confirming the Diagnosis of DCIS, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ; Breast Cancer

Alice McCall's 2007 biopsy report


Themography Report Confirming Breast Health from 11/5/2007 - 2009

Alice McCall's Thermogram report showing breast health.


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