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Wellness as a Journey
By Alice McCall

Most say that wellness is important to them, but after they have achieved a health improvement, an ideal weight, or a certain level of increased vitality, they slip back into their old ways of being, thinking, and doing. Yet, wellness truly is a state of mind and a way of life.

It can be overwhelming to incorporate wellness practices into everyday life. Just figuring out where to start can feel challenging. My advice? Don't feel obligated to make lots of permanent changes all at once. Work towards your goals with baby steps. After all wellness is a journey - a life’s journey. This message is at the forefront of my book, Wellness Wisdom.Wellness Wisdom by Alice McCall - Inspired by One Woman's Journey with Breast Cancer

"I want to emphasize that I focused on my top three healing priorities each day, and did the rest as I could. I share those priorities in this book and feel that they are the basics for maintaining health and healing. I also suggest changing your routine gradually, incorporating one aspect at a time. Trying to do too much at once can make for a stressful situation, which is not conducive to positive health," on page xi of Wellness Wisdom.

Here are some steps that have been part of my wellness journey:
In my teens I learned about calories and how to manage them to loose weight.

In my 20s I focused on not being 'a door mat' and being okay with expressing myself. I also stopped reaching for the salt shaker, becoming aware of the affect excess sodium has on our bodies.

In my 30s I eliminated fatty foods from my diet with a goal of healthy cholesterol. Butter, mayonnaise, fried foods, meats, and cheese were either eliminated or eaten in careful moderation. I also became disciplined about maintaining a weekly workout routine of aerobic and weight bearing exercises.

In my 40s I engaged in detoxification programs, eating lots of veggies, and meditating regularly. I started researching healthy natural supplements and vitamins to get the most out of my diet and feel my best.

After my healing process with breast cancer in 2007, I've kept a 100% organic household. I continue to eat a diet that is heavily alkaline. I am aware of steps I can take and foods I can eat for immune system and intestinal health. Weekly I engage in Pilates, yoga, walking, Qigong, and daily meditation.

I am not perfect. I am a work in progress. But I believe in progress. Step by step I continue to move forward on my wellness journey. As each health principle is incorporated into my routine, it is easy not to look back because I know it positively impacts my health, wellbeing, and anti-aging. I am worth it, and so are you.

My wellness journey started many years before my diagnosis of breast cancer, it continues today and into tomorrow. I encourage you not to become overwhelmed, and focus on the small changes that you can make each day. Before you know it, one change leads to another, and you will be well on your path to wellness.

Love & Light

Not sure where to start? Wellness Wisdom offers practical advice for diet, nutrition, supplements, cellular health, and much more. Learn about everyday toxins to avoid, foods and their health properties, and in-depth information on what transformed Alice's breast cancer into healthy cells.



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Wellness Wisdom by Alice McCall

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