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Free Wisdom & Wellness Tips from Alice McCall
A reference book for natural health and healing; inspired by author Alice McCall s healing journey with breast cancer.

While embarking on her self-healing of breast cancer, without medical intervention, Alice utilized knowledge from her practice Healing Path and hours of extensive research. Wellness Wisdom was born from wanting to share her experience and the massive amounts of research with others. It is primarily a reference book, guiding the reader through holistic practices, diet options, the health properties of foods, and so much more. Order your copy today to discover the array of healing tools that are available to you!

The best part about the wisdom in Wellness Wisdom is that it can be utilized to stay healthy, prevent disease, and transform health issues. The following are highlights of some of Alice's favorite easy to use tips found in Wellness Wisdom. many of which cost little or no money.

Eat Foods that Prevent & Heal Cancer
Studies show that cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, lower the risk of and help heal cancer. Get even more out of cruciferous vegetables by pairing them with carrots or winter squash. The combination of beta carotene and antioxidant carotenoids provide a powerful tool for fighting and protecting against cancer. Want more easy to follow cooking ideas and recipes? Order your copy of Wellness Wisdom to keep reading on page 84.

Master Your Thoughts & Emotions
Negative thoughts and emotions can cause health issues for your body. When you hold onto negative thoughts and emotions they can become buried in the cells of your body as dense heavy energy, and over time this can cause health issues with the part of the body where they are held. Focus on holding onto positive thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we need help breaking old thought patterns, contact Alice to learn how a session can be just the thing to help you move forward.

Eat Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods
Learn why Alice made changes to her diet to move away from acidic foods, with a goal of an alkaline diet on page 37 of Wellness Wisdom, with a list of alkaline foods - many of which may already be in your cabinets! Although all of my healing work was done in a meditative state, I also included time for personal meditations to help calm and center me, as well as provide needed wisdom and guidance  Learn more about Alice McCall's unique meditations in Wellness Wisdom.

Meditate Frequently
Meditation describes a state of consciousness, when one's mind becomes free of chatter, promoting a deep state of relaxation and awareness. Meditation reduces stress, increases feelings of happiness, decreases anxiety and depression, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels, and so much more for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Have trouble meditating? Contact Alice for a session to remove the unconscious barriers and be in the moment.

Incorporate the Powerhouse Turmeric
Use as a spice or a natural supplement, in either a pill or powder form. Why? It fights cancer in all stages, has anti-tumor properties, and prevents cancer growth. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, enhances the immune system, is a natural pain killer, protects the liver, and balances cholesterol levels. For more information on turmeric and other beneficial foods purchase Wellness Wisdom.

Use Crystals to Support Prevention & Healing
Crystals have vibrational rates that correspond to their unique healing and spiritual properties. One of Alice's favorites is rose quartz, which enhances healing through love, especially self love. It releases blockages from unexpressed emotions, opens the heart and the heart chakra, heals a wounded heart, and teaches how to love your self. Try holding on to this crystal when meditating or working on forgiveness.

Eat Alternative Protein Sources
Confused if soy is safe? Worried about antibiotics and added hormones in meat? Buy Wellness Wisdom to read page 44, a simple list of protein sources Alice routinely includes in her diet. Sounds and colors are pure energy, made up of vibrational patterns and wavelengths. Learn more about how to harness their healing powers in Wellness Wisdom.

Use Sound & Color Therapy
Each note and each color have a unique healing vibration that relates to certain areas of your body, your chakras, and can perform certain healing functions. Order your copy of Wellness Wisdom to learn how Alice uses sound and color therapy in her Cellular Level Healing practice, and the role it played in her own self- healing of breast cancer.

Breathe Deeply to Oxygenate Your Cells
The cells of your body need oxygen to replenish and renew. Cellular oxygen starvation can contribute to immune deficiency, intestinal problems, cardiac conditions, anxiety, depression, cancer, and fatigue. Take 3-5 minutes each day for deep, relaxed belly breaths. Learn more about breathing techniques, meditation, and other practices that oxygenate your cells on page 105 of Wellness Wisdom.

Eat Lots of Vegetables & Fruits
Fresh fruits and vegetables contain so much nutritional support that your body requires.  Yet, it is so hard to buy and prepare the recommended 7-12 servings a day – every day - in our busy lives.  Consider adding a whole-foods supplement to help bridge the nutrition gap. 

Use a Thermogram for Preventative Screening
Learn why Alice moved away from traditional mammograms and opted for a thermogram instead on page 113 - order your copy of Wellness Wisdom today!Here is a visual from Alice McCall's direct bodywork done while in deep meditation.  Read about the experience in Wellness Wisdom

Use Detoxification Practices
It is important to cleanse ourselves from the toxins, metals, and unnatural hormones and antibiotics that we have ingested and breathed throughout our lifetimes. Consider including foods in your diet that are naturally cleansing like miso, licorice, blue green algae, and more! A list of 29 of Alice's favorite detoxing foods is included on page 79 of Wellness Wisdom.

Engage in Visualization
If 'a picture is like a thousand words,' and words create, then visualizing what you want is powerful! Having trouble quieting your mind? Try one of Alice's Meditation CDs to propel your visualizations.

Smile & Laugh
Want to fill your entire being with one of the highest vibrations possible? Then smile and laugh often! This joyful vibration is very supportive of health and well-being.

Unexpectedly during her self-healing Alice had the desire to creatively express the transformation she was experiencing. After many of her deep sessions, visuals would come right out of her and onto paper in brilliant colors. She calls these her spiritual drawings.

Throughout Wellness Wisdom and this website there are samples from Alice's journals, including her spiritual drawings as featured above. Her journaling included advice that she received during meditation, automatic writing, documentation of her experiences, and these drawings.  Read more about these experiences in Wellness Wisdom.


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