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Phone Sessions with Alice McCall

Alice McCall is based out of Western North Carolina, and is available over the phone to assist you on your journey. 
Alice works with clients all over the world via phone sessions / Skype, and would be honored to do the same for you.

Each session is tailored to an individual's needs and goals.  All backgrounds and religious affiliations are encouraged to contact Alice for a free personal consultation to learn more about how she can help you.

All who work with Alice are touched by her energy and light. Her gentle approach allows clients to feel safe and secure.
Without exception, everyone leaves feeling lighter and brighter.

Alice is passionate about facilitating her client's transformation, versus being 'the doctor'. She helps her clients understand their role in choosing to be well and preventing old patterns from returning. Be empowered to change your life, be well, and be healthy!

Session topics can include:
Transforming Serious Health Issues    Relationship Counseling  

Removing Unwanted Habits / Patterns 

Cellular Level Healing® 
Attracting Abundance  Transforming Chronic Physical Issues  
Supporting the Immune System  Transforming or Preventing Disease   
Learning Your Life’s/Soul's Purpose   Transforming Cancer, Kidney & Liver Disease 
Chakra Tuning Improving Fibromyalgia & Multiple Sclerosis
Improving Low Self-Esteem  Eliminating Insomnia & Eating Disorders 
Spiritual Growth & Development   Transforming Anxiety, Depression, & OCD
Improving Relationships Conceiving a Child  
Addressing Blood Pressure & Adrenal Problems  Emotional Healing 
Eliminating IBS & Crohn's Disease    Improving Spinal health 
Working with the Inner Child Selling a Home 
Improving Meditations  Connecting with Angels & Guides
Energy Reformatting  Yin Yang Balancing 
Rewiring & Cleansing Acupuncture Meridians    Integrating Ego Behaviors
Integrative Feng Shui Consulting  Releasing Negativity 
Eliminating Pain   Attracting Compatible Relationships 
Removing Energy Blockages   Finding & Living Your Passion 
Replacing Fear with Trust Improving Addictive Behaviors
Addressing Lack of Motivation  Minimizing Stress
Guiding Spiritual Ascension  Renewing the Body's Organs 
Past Life Work Maintaining Healthy Energy   
Achieving Self Mastery  Shamanic Journeying  
Living a Heart Centered Life  House / Space Clearing
Experiencing Regression Therapy Establishing Energy Protection
Experiencing Sound & Color Therapy 

Putting Yourself First

Facilitating Career Advancement  Finding Peace, Joy, & Contentment
Harnessing Creative Power

Incorporating Energy Tools for Successful Living 


Contact Alice today to schedule your session or free consultation!



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