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Cellular Level Healing
® & Cellular Health

The human body is made of trillions of cells. Each cell has a primary function, which plays a role in helping the body operate properly. When our cells are healthy and collaborate in a balanced manner, the human body is healthy and balanced. Cell health affects body health.

When a cell is not healthy and not in balance, it begins to deteriorate. We want our cells healthy! Cell regeneration and renewal is important for ongoing health, healing, and aging with vitality.

What creates cellular imbalance? Factors include; holding onto negative thoughts or emotions; a lack of cellular oxygenation; environmental toxins that are ingested, inhaled, or seep through skin; lack of proper nutrition or improper diet.

The longer the imbalance remains, the more the health of our cells are affected. Overtime this can lead to serious health issues and disease. Making matters worse, the dysfunction in one cell can affect the health of the surrounding cells, which can culminate in our body's systems being out of balance. Restoring cellular energy and health directly affects our overall health and well-being!

Alice McCall's unique approach to facilitate Cellular Level Healing® is tailored to each individual’s needs. It combines practices from many modalities including energy transformation, communication with the body, spiritual guidance, hypnosis, and knowledge of Psychology. All work occurs at the cellular level where the original cause of the health issue is located.  Don't wait, contact Alice for a phone session today!

Want to see medical proof of the results of this work?  Keep reading!


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