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Cellular Level Healing Testimonials
Testimonials from clients of Healing Path who experienced Cellular Level Healing.
For assistance on your wellness journey contact Alice to learn how she can help you.

“My daughter had OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, for 12 years.  I tried everything, including many medications and counseling.  I spent thousands of dollars and nothing worked.  My heart broke for my daughter, who worried about death 95% of the time.  I thank God for Alice and her healing approach.  After two sessions, my daughter was transformed.  Her OCD patterns have not returned, and her medication intake has been reduced by 75%.”  J.S. Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“I tried everything to help my kidney failure, but it continued to get worse.  When I reached stage 4 kidney failure, I knew I had to try something else, as the medical protocols that I followed exactly for many years were not stopping the progression of this disease.  Alice’s approach to healing absolutely turned everything around.  I learned what I was holding onto emotionally in the cells of my kidney.  After one session of transforming this with Alice’s help, my disease immediately went to early stage 2.  The doctor said he could not explain it, but I could.  I am eternally grateful.” P.H., Freeport, FL

“Two months after surgery removed my breast cancer, it started to grow back.  I wanted a way to address the cause, not the symptom, and Alice’s approach, which is explained in this book, gave me just that.  She facilitated me to reach for the root cause within my subconscious, unconscious and the actual cells of my body and transform it.  This work not only reversed the cancer growing back but also healed two other health issues I was having.  If you want complete healing, this is the way to go!”  Y.S., Seagrove Beach, FL

"I was diagnosed in 1991 with fibromyalgia and have tried all types of treatments with little relief for years.  I called Alice, who is amazing.  I have more energy and less pain, more good days than I've had in a long time.  She hits the nail on the head every time and is able to connect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. She cuts to the core of the problem at the cellular memory level within me.  I highly recommend her to anyone and will continue working with her, as it has made such a big difference in my life!"  N.P., Kansas City, KS

“Multiple surgeries and steroids left my adrenal glands wiped out, with flat-lined cortisol levels.  Before Alice’s help, I was not responding well enough to my prescribed protocol for normal adrenal function. One session with Alice healed my adrenal glands and activated the energy within my cells.  Now I can start and live each day without exhaustion."  S.R., Bergenfield, NJ

“My biggest learning from Alice’s Wellness Wisdom is that all healing is spiritual first.  I have worked with several people in the healing arts, but Alice’s approach is the most complete and effective.  Together we healed several health and emotional issues that could not be addressed through traditional methods.  More importantly, my spiritual awareness and growth has been incredible.  I am grateful and recommend her Cellular Level Healing approach to everyone!”  M.E., New York, NY

"Alice helped me heal a severe bladder problem in one session.  I felt the difference and the relief immediately.  More importantly, I learned that I caused it by negative thinking and worries that I had been obsessing with.  We transformed the build-up of negative energy in the cells of my bladder, and the heath of my bladder was restored!"  D.N., Worchester, MA

"I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1999 and recently had been experiencing severe sinus and bronchial problems.  My mother recommended trying something different from another round of antibiotics and put me in touch with Alice, who I loved working with.  The work she does with you is truly amazing.  By shifting the energy within yourself, deep in your cells and subconscious, you can truly heal yourself and lead a pain free life style. My sinus and bronchial conditions have cleared and my diagnosis of Crohn's disease no longer causes me problems.  Working with Alice gave me the relief that no doctors or medicines achieved. The best part of the whole process though, is how I feel about myself now.  By embracing and loving myself through this process with Alice, I am much happier, calmer and at peace with me. And that is just wonderful!"  K.D., San Diego, CA

For assistance on your wellness journey contact Alice to learn how she can help you.


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