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Cellular Level Healing
® - How It Works

Healing Defined

The definition of heal in the dictionary is “to become whole,” not to fix what is broken.  The wholeness of one’s self – the way we are made – includes mind, body, spirit, and emotion.  That is why only addressing the physical symptoms of a health issue is not enough to bring about wholeness – the definition of healing.

To bring one’s self into a state of wholeness (to heal), the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s being needs to be involved. They all interact and interconnect.  Intuitively, we know there is a connection between being angry or fearful, then experiencing a feeling like our heart racing, or our stomach churning.  When only the physical symptoms are focused on, and the underlying cause isn’t examined and transformed, we limit our ability to self-heal and become whole.

Cellular Level Healing® – A Return to Wholeness

When mind, body, spirit, and emotion are transformed at the cellular level, a platform for complete healing and wholeness is provided. This only occurs when dense heavy energy held within your cells is addressed and transformed.

Anytime you hold onto a negative thought or emotion, it is automatically buried in the cells of your body.  These can originate from a trauma, memory, unwanted pattern, or deeply held personal belief - conscious or unconscious.  It is held within your cells as dense dark energy, versus the light bright energy that you were born with.  Your body was not designed to carry this density and it can lead to a malfunction or health issue in the part of your body where it is primarily stored.  The location of the stored density is determined by the type of negativity you are experiencing.  Sadness, for instance, automatically becomes buried in the heart, and a lack of emotional nourishment usually finds a home in the breast, potentially causing breast cancer.

Not only can this dense energy affect your health – it can affect your entire way of being.  We were made mind, body, spirit, and emotion.  All are connected, and each part of you affects the others.  Changes in energy levels, lack of motivation, unwanted life patters, relationship issues, feelings of being spiritually disconnected, and much more can be traced back to cellular level density.

Cellular Level Healing® – Potent & Transformational!

The reason why Cellular Level Healing® is transformational is because four levels are included in this process:
1. The Unconscious Body Self
2. The Emotional Subconscious Self
3. The Mental Conscious Self
4. The Spiritual Superconscious Self

Transformation occurs when all four levels are addressed at the cellular level.  The root cause, where the original emotional/mental wounding occurred, must be transformed for complete wholeness to be attained.  It is the dense seed that hinders physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Healing Path with Alice McCall Specializes in Cellular Level Healing®

Alice McCall guides clients through this self-healing process in private phone sessions.  While working in a light meditative state, energetic tools and principles are utilized to facilitate the release of stored density, replacing it with positive energy at all four levels. Although each client’s needs are different and individually addressed, often only 2-3 sessions are needed to see a big impact.  Schedule your free consultation with Alice, today!

Alice used this process to self-heal sinusitis, vertigo, and chronic allergies in 2001, as well as breast cancer in 2007.  Her self-healing journey is chronicled in Wellness Wisdom, including the healing foods and natural protocols she used to support the Cellular Level Healing® process.

She has also successfully used this approach to guide clients who had cancer, lymphoma, fibromyalgia, kidney disease, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, gastro reflex, chronic neck and back pain, addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder, insomnia, depression, eating disorders, IBS, fears (flying, water, pain, heights), relationship issues, and barriers to moving forward successfully in one's life.  Her specialty is to remove blocks of dense, negative energy at the cellular level.  Medical proof of success with many clients is shared in her book.

Why does Alice's work bring such a level of proven success?  She works at the cellular level of the body as well as with the subconscious. Her focus is to uncover and transform at these deep levels the root cause of one's disease, ill health or unwanted patterns.

Want to learn more about Alice McCall’s self-healing journey and Cellular Level Healing® process?  Order your signed copy of Wellness Wisdom today!


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